Our pièce de la résistance :
The indoor school

The indoor school is a breath-taking 60 x 30 metre arena with a special Ebbe-Flut flooring which can be adjusted to create the perfect surface for whichever equestrian discipline is using the school.

The first thing you will notice is the amazing natural wood architecture, but once you start riding, you will appreciate not only the school’s surface, but the 20 metres of mirrors, the microphones and sound system for coaching sessions and the technical lighting system which ensures minimum shadow whilst riding.

Future projects for the stables include an integrated camera system to film riders whilst they are working. Owners who aren’t riding themselves will be able to make the most of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the clubhouse that overlook the school, or they will be able to follow things more closely from the raised walkways around the arena.

Catering for la crème de la crème

To be the best your horse needs not only excellent training, but also excellent care. At Les Laurentides we understand that, and have provided ideal facilities: a walker for six horses and covered lunge ring are just a few metres from the stabling block, which houses hot and cold water showers and solarium.

There are also separate areas for feed preparation and farrier work, as well as spacious, secure tack rooms, while future projects include aqua – trainers, a pool and facilities for vibration therapy.

Finally, as you well know, horses perform best when they are allowed to be horses.  So, in addition to the large grass fields, all fully fenced and with automatic water troughs, every box at Les Laurentides has access to its own individual paddock, so that your horses can enjoy more space and air at all times.

A 5* hotel for horses

A competition horse deserves facilities and living space of the same high quality as the horse itself, which is why the Laurentides have chosen the best of the best for our stable block.

Our spacious, high-ceilinged boxes, with their oak panelling, are made by Röwer and Rüb, the world leader in equestrian buildings. Owners can choose from either straw or wood shavings for their horse’s bedding, which is maintained every day by our team. The stables uses a vacuum system to muck out, via a small trapdoor in each box.


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